Friday, April 16, 2010

Tommy P

Tom Patchett has been a friend for decades. He's a regular golf partner and a major character in my book.

I attended his birthday party last night at Rush Street along with 50 or so other FOTs. More than any other one thing, what makes a party great is the collective feeling the assembled have about the feted one. Everyone's great affection for Tom resulted in a walloping warmth.

I shepherded a filmed tribute to Tom, included here, that manifests the great love we all have for Tom and, as promised last night, I post it here on his actual birthday.

Die Happy by Brock Walsh will, with a little luck, appear in bookstores soon.



  1. Just received a text from Tommy P, seems he's been kidnapped by the lovely Carol, and is en route to Phoenix for three days of birthday/marital bliss . . .

  2. Brock,
    I am the wife of the hook and lightening bolt! This video has to be the best thing I have ever seen. It is brilliant. You are a genius!!! I think your blog is terrific.
    Hank Keilly

  3. I'm gratified to say the least! It was an act of love on all parts . . .

  4. Thanks, Brock - that video is the BOMB!!!! Love, Becky Patchett

  5. You're entirely welcome, what's really explosive is the talent of these amazing rappers.